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Get Checked dc


The Situation

Improving Health & Emotional Wellbeing

July 27, 2020 marked the 25th anniversary of National HIV Testing Day. To commemorate the day, DC Health, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD and TB Administration (HAHSTA) launched for DC residents to get free home-based HIV test kits. HAHSTA came to Octane to create an awareness campaign to encourage DC residents to take control of their health and know their status.


Throughout 2020 HAHSTA would announce multiple free testing options for DC residents, including: At-home HIV testing, at-home STD testing and walk-in HIV/STD/Hepatitis testing.


HAHSTA worked with Octane to target all DC residents regardless of race, age, gender and sexual orientation through the “Get Checked DC” campaign. Given the ongoing COVID pandemic, it was important for messaging to be simple and clearly state that this testing was for HIV and STD. It was also critical to promote the use of at-home kits and urge DC residents to continue taking control of their health while staying home.

Key Findings

• 61% decline in new HIV cases compared to 2018
• 90% of HIV positive District residents know their status
• 1 in 7 residents had at least 1 STI diagnosis within 12 months of HIV diagnosis


• Empower the DC community to take control of their health
• Motivate residents to learn their status for the people in their lives
• Increase distribution of the free HIV and STD testing kits

The Creative

Octane launched a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign around “Get Checked DC” with a strong social media presence accompanied by paid media, including radio, out-of-home advertisement, direct marketing and digital.

Octane designed the brand identity to ensure it encompassed all DC by using ambiguous characters that represent DC residents and their lifestyles. The messaging on materials was set in a reassuring tone and purposely simple in order to reflect how easy it is to get tested. Key messaging themes for the campaign centered around taking control of your health, making testing more accessible and giving people options even in a pandemic.

Throughout the campaign, animated videos were created in English and Spanish to show the action of taking the at-home tests. The videos charged the audience to take action by ordering a test and talking about it and the results with their partner(s).

The “Get Checked DC” campaign had a designated website full of resources and information that was promoted through Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as well as the paid media materials.

The Results

Octane launched a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign around Get Checked DC with a strong social media presence accompanied by paid media. Illustrations and animations were created specifically for the campaign that would show the quick, easy and painless action of taking the at-home tests.



paid media campaign

Even during the height of the pandemic, the “Get Checked DC” campaign moved DC residents to get tested in the comfort of their DC home.
kits distributed in 3 months
Gross impressions were made with campaign materials.
video views on Youtube


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